Moyca Group has over 1.100 Hectares of their own production of seedless table grapes located in Murcia, Alicante, Badajoz and Argentina.

In addition, we add more than 30 partners which are supported by our technicians in their table grape production.

Climate and geography are key factors in determining both where grapes can be grown, and how grapes grown in a particular region.

Our different crops in several altitudes allow us:

  •  To produce early varieties in the lowest areas.

  •  To produce a lot of varieties in areas of middle altitude.

  •  To produce latest and colour varieties in the highest areas.



Market – Export

Moyca Grapes supplies table seedless grapes for large chain supermarkets in Europe, Asia, Africa & America, increasing every year each destination and customer.

We work to achieve maximum coverage with our product worldwide.