The table grape campaign will start in Murcia in week 24 with good volumes and optimum quality, according to companies such as Moyca, the largest producer of this fruit in the Region and in Spain.

"We will start marketing Ralli and Superior seedless grapes next week. The weather conditions during the flowering, setting and fruit development stages have been so ideal that we will have full production with excellent quality," explained Josefina Mena, of the commercial department of Moyca, which attended the London Produce Show.

This year, the company highlighted the increased availability of organic seedless table grapes in the face of the rising demand from countries around the world, especially in northern and central Europe.

"Last year, we had the first harvest of organic seedless grapes, which we marketed as a test, given that we were receiving requests from many customers. The success has been such that we have been forced to increase the production to meet the demand," she affirms.

According to Josefina Mena, the biggest demand for organic table grapes comes, by far, from Scandinavia, "where sustainability issues are taken very seriously." The UK, as well as other Central European countries, also demands a lot of organic fruit. "The demand for organic seedless table grapes is on the rise, and it seems that we will have to continue to increase our production in the future."

The main competitor to take into account from now on will be Italy. "Spain is starting to produce organic table grapes, while Italy has been doing it for a long time and has a lot of experience. However, although we have just started, we have a great know-how in the production and development of seedless varieties."

Moyca has been producing and marketing exclusively seedless grapes for 25 years, during which it has made a huge investment in varietal innovation which it hopes to continue developing in the future.

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